Hi! My name is X. I paint pretty landscapes, and I live in the internet!

Please just check my other portfolio instead lol wordpress is so slow and buggy for me


Art Direction

Hey I’m pretty good with that stuff. So good that most of my clients just leave everything up to me lmao

Landscape Illustration

The thing I do
I’ve been doing this since 2015


Art direction but with the ability to actually realize my ideas onto a blank canvas pretty nicely

Music Composition

I think



2018 – Present

I work with and for everyone!
From musicians, egirls, and game developers— to advertising agents, meme page admins, and children’s book authors
My works are multipurpose!

Album Artist for Iluxi

November 2019

Absolute best. Give the album a listen! https://soundcloud.com/iluxi/gold-dusted

Soundcloud and Spotify banner artist for sora.wav

Febuary 2020

This is actually for their alt soundcloud account.

Background artist in a music video for FCJ

December 2019

I lov

Background Artist at Z2TEAM

2019 – 2020

I do most of the background art/direction for their upcoming game titled “PiN”!

Album Artist for Autonomus Tunes

March 2020

As of editing this, they haven’t released their album yet but I’m so damn excited lmao

Twitter Banner artist for for @SleepyKokiri on Twitter

December 2019

Best egirl 2019

Book cover artist for Lauren Hemphill

April 2020

These are just a few of my clients out of many. Check out my trello board for a full list of them!

Hit me up if you’re interested!

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